Get your brain familiar with English Language even before you start preparing for IELTS

Learning a new language is quite different from learning a subject, because it is not an array of facts and methods to be mugged up. You can master any language, especially one like English, if you get acquainted to it and explore the possibilities of making it a part of your daily life. We can compare this situation to installing a programming language such as HTML or Java in a computer. No further operation is possible without a language interface. Mentor Merlin’s Pre IELTS/OET training is just like that, because no one can develop skills in a language without having strong basics to start with.

You can get yourself enrolled into a language preparatory class for your IELTS/OET training, but most of you may be forced to learn the language basics and even after completing the course, you may not be able to hold a conversation in English.

“You can attempt IELTS/OET any number of times, but it is a total waste of your time, money and effort if you find no success after attending training where you have no real practice. You gain nothing and end up getting de motivated.

Mentor Merlin’s Pre-IELTS/OET course is truly innovative in its idea of instilling English language into your day-to-day life by engaging in a variety of activities that will help generate a natural interest in English. Rather than overwhelming you with rigorous lessons, we help you to turn your learning process into a language habit, make language a gateway to new experiences. You save about 50-60% time compared to someone who does IELTS/OET training directly.  By finding more efficient ways to learn English, anyone can clear IELTS/OET in less than 6 months. Those who wish to join Mentor Merlin’s IELTS/OET course are required to go through the Pre-IELTS /OET training first, because our first priority has always been saving the time and money of our candidates and guaranteeing them 100% success.

As the saying goes, “Want the bigger picture? Get out of the bus and see it yourself!”